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(° o °) - you shock me

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(>^ ▽^) > - I want to hug you

°Д°) - You scare me

( T_T ) - You annoy me

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(・・;) - How did I end up here?

(UnU) - you never talk to me

(><) - we should rp!


(^///^) - Something too naughty to say

(X ~ X) - Delete your blog

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so when cloud beat seph in the og, the side of his brow appears scarred


in ac/acc, whenever there’s a close-up to his face, you can clearly see that the scar is still there.


it’s a neat detail.

I don’t want to be a butt (I might be?) but wasn’t that from Yazoo almost shooting Cloud in the face at the beginning?

((I thought that was what it was from too.))

The Bonding Ceremony (RP with Athkore)




"I had 27 siblings, I only knew the three brothers from my litter. I was always considered the runt of all of them." she didn’t have any pictures to show Ealdren, dragons never really had keepsakes. Just pieces of their hoards.

  He looked a little sad, but them placed a hand on her shoulder, “You know, even though they’re not alive, the fact that you and I are joined together makes them your family too, and that means Azoakh is sort of like my dad as well as yours. It’s a human thing, but I think it’s great, especially for people who don’t have any familly.

Athkore put her hand over his and smiled up at him, wiping a few stray tears away. “It’s a nice sentiment, can we see the rest of our home?”

  “Yes of course!” He replied almost too eagerly, taking Athkore hand and leading her out into the vast hallway. He pointed to the closest room, “That’s the head of the familly’s room, which means that it belongs to me. We won’t go in there just yet.”  He turned to the door right next to the one he just came out of, on the left side of the hallway, “That’s one of the many bedrooms that are part of the house, and yours to use as you wish. Across from that is the nursery, then there is another hallway branching off to the right that lead to more rooms, but the one at the end of the hall we’re in is where the series of dragon-oriented spaces start, the main room we have interest in is the breeding cave. The door on the left leads very far down, but if you feel comfortable enough down there, there’s a hot springs that you can use. As for what you can find on the other side of the hallway,” he turned around and faced the other side of the hall. The two things that are worthy of noting is another art gallery and my father’s library.” He looked to Athkore, “So, which room do you want to see first?”

The Bonding Ceremony (RP with Athkore)





    Ealdren smiled when Athkore had unconciously insisted on sleeping on his lap. He tried to hold back a chuckle at the way his mate’s wings flailed around. Ealdren put down the book and just sat there, content to wait until Athkore woke up. He occupied himself by looking at the paintings and tapestries around him. The Draken was not tired at all, as a matter of fact, he was still practically glowing with pride. 

  It wasn’t long until Athkore woke. He let out a little wince as she squeezed his knee, but still smiled. “You are at my childhood home, in the main hall, as a matter of fact.” He gestured around at the artwork and other crafted items that littered the round room.

Athkore yawned again before her eyes caught sight of the artwork that Ealdren was gesturing to. Now fully awake and excited, she jumped up and began quickly walking between pieces. Athkore didn’t touch anything but her hands gave away that she wanted to pick up certain things to look at them closer but was afraid she’d soil them by touching.

She eventually forced her hands to go down and she looked around at the hall in awe not because it was beauteous, which she certainly thought it was, but because now that she was with Ealdren it was her home. She hadn’t had a proper home almost all of her life, the thought that she had found her family and had a home she could return to overwhelmed her.

Dragons in Middle Earth don’t often form family groups, those that do mostly do so out of possessiveness and the supposed assurance of an allegiance by the obligation of blood.

But Athkore had not spent her life observing other dragons. She had spent it watching humans, elves, dwarves and the occasional hobbit. She had spent it moving through time much more slowly than most she met. She had spent it having to kill to earn the money she needed to survive among them.

Athkore had never told Ealdren that for a large part of her life, she had been an assassin by profession. Killing hundreds, maybe thousands of people in her lifetime. And pursuing that profession meant there was no one to turn to in times of need, no home to go to. Only herself and the river of blood she caused.

But now that she was here in Nede, with her father and with Ealdren in her home surrounded by those that loved her, waves of emotion surged in her heart.

She could leave it behind, start over, live a happy life.

Athkore blinked and realized that she had been crying.

  Ealdren placed a comforting hand on Athkore’s shoulder and donned a worried look when he saw that the was crying. He pulled her into a light embrace before breaking away when he realized she was smiling as well. His hears swelled with joy at the thought that his mate was happy to be in his home. He quickly went over to the wall and pointed out one specific painting of a baby white dragonling, his ears and eyes looking too big for his head as he stared forward with big, curious, red eyes.

  “That’s me as a Drakenling. It seemed so long ago that the painting was made, I don’t even remember the day It was done, just stories about it. Apparently, I was curious about everything. This was so true that they could never get me to sit still” He chuckled and gestured to the painting of the baby red drakenling next to it, “That’s my older brother. He was always called the strongest, and I, the luckiest.”

"I had 27 siblings, I only knew the three brothers from my litter. I was always considered the runt of all of them." she didn’t have any pictures to show Ealdren, dragons never really had keepsakes. Just pieces of their hoards.

  He looked a little sad, but them placed a hand on her shoulder, “You know, even though they’re not alive, the fact that you and I are joined together makes them your family too, and that means Azoakh is sort of like my dad as well as yours. It’s a human thing, but I think it’s great, especially for people who don’t have any familly.

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oh i thought this would be useful for when your parents walk by but ok

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Jak and Daxter + Breaking the fourth wall

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((I wanted to make it longer but then got tired)).

A late Easter thingy that popped in my head while I was away.

Because no matter what you say, Precursor Orbs will always be eggs to me.

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Having a bad day?

Imagine how Cloud feels right now.

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Mother/EarthBound Masterpost!


hey!! so ive been getting into the Mother series recently but ive noticed a lot of people have had trouble finding ways to get started playing the game!! i thought it would be nice to make a masterpost so people could start playing a great series :D


so what is mother/earthbound about?

An evil alien race plans to attack earth and take it over. Only one boy and his friends can defeat the aliens before their evil plans takes place. The story begins when a small meteor hits the earth and wakes up the residents of a small town. A couple curious boys go to the meteor and end up discovering a talking house fly. The fly tells one of the boys that he is the world’s last hope against the evil alien race. This begins the strange yet interesting story of Earthbound! The boy and his band of unlikely friends voyage across the world through places like a cult town, a zombie-infested town, a giant desert, a metropolis, a walking dungeon, and more! The boy will battle against angry middle-aged men, crazy shopping-obsessed women, giant burping blobs, ants with psychic powers, taxis, and even gas pumps! (taken from here)

please watch the intro video to earthbound! (youtube link)


youre going to need emulators if you want to play without a console! using an emulator basically gives you all the functionality of a console on your computer!! im linking directly to the download of each emulator linked!!

for Mother 1/EarthBound Zero im using Nestopia (a NES emulator)

for Mother 2/EarthBound im using Snes9x 64bit (a SNES emulator)

for Mother 3/EarthBound 2 and Mother 1+2 im using VirtualBoyAdv-M (an emulator for all gameboy versions)

i got all of my emulators from here 


once again, everything is linked to direct downloads of the games!!

Mother 1/EarthBound Zero (improved version)

Mother 2/EarthBound

Mother 1+2 (Mother 1 and Mother 2 in one game!)

Mother 3

i got all of my download links from here!! 

Common Questions

What order should i play the games in?

theres two ways ive seen people suggest playing the game!!

1. start out with earthbound, play mother 3, and then go back and play earthbound zero

2. start with earthbound zero, play earthbound, and then play mother 3

i would personally suggest method number 1, i think that earthbound is a good deal easier than earthbound zero and it also is the most enjoyable in my opinion! keep in mind though that i only played earthbound zero for a little before switching to earthbound!!

Whats the deal with the names of the games?

when the games were originally released in japan, they were called mother, mother 2, and mother 3!! only mother 2 ended up being localized for north america though, so nintendo decided to change the name to earthbound to avoid confusion as to why a mother 1 didnt exist in the north american area!!
(as a sidenote, mother 1+2 is just both of the first two games in the series together! it was released for the gba in japan)

other cool stuff

the official earthbound strategy guide (a huge help to have when playing! pdf file format (takes a few minutes to load))

did you know that even though earthbound was the only game officially localized for north america, earthbound zero is an official translation from nintendo? check out the whole story here (its really interesting!)

((I played Earthbound on here: http://www.vizzed.com/play/earthbound-snes-online-super-nintendo-7828-game 

You just have to sign up (it’s free) and post to the boards to get some points to play.

Also, I used this strategy guide: http://walkthrough.starmen.net/earthbound/ ))

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akkochi asked:
hhhhh your art is so beautiful u v u. I'm wondering if you could do some references on backs? Of course only if you have time and feel like doing so o v o;;;


forgive my handwriting I HOPE THIS HELPS A LITTLE BC IM NOT RLY SURE IF IT MAKES SENSE also here are some pics of rl backs which you can also locate via google 1,2,3,4,5(nsfw bc butt) 







Online image search tool and Chrome extension that claims to locate US sex offenders in it’s database with facial recognition analysis:

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The Creepface online search engine can be found here



Keep all the girls safe!
And stay safe girlies.

Reblog constantly!

again, i can see this being extremely useful for sex workers who perform irl sexual labour in a one on one setting

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Asterix and the Vikings!

Aka, the movie I’m streaming this friday!

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"You’re welcome."


The deed is deeply appreciated.

  He smiled, having payed for the man’s bus fare. He sat next to the man and tried to have a conversation with him. “No problem. You looked a little lost though, anything I can help with?” The chick in his hoodie just had to pop out onto his shoulder and add it’s two cents with a small ‘chirp’.

  ((For info about EB Sephy, you can look here: http://sephyathredon.tumblr.com/post/96952628489/earthbound-verse-sephy ))