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Everyone loves AUs!
Arranged:Our muses will be in an arranged marriage. The thread will begin a few days before their wedding in order to allow them to interact before.
Vegas:Muses will wake up after a wild night, not remembering what happened and only knowing that they are in bed together. (if you want to do the full Vegas experience of horror, they can be married)
Little Mermaid/Merman:Muses will follow the CLASSIC plot of the Little Mermaid. Means no happy ending... sorry.
Cinderella:Once again, muses will follow the CLASSIC plot.
War:Muses will be on the same or opposite sides of a war (i.e. Revolutionary -French or Amercian-, Civil, or the World Wars). If the same, they must rely on each other during a situation where they are pinned down. If opposite, P.O.W. situation or spying.
Underworld:Vampires vs. Lycans. Specify which side you would like your muse to be on and I will pick opposite. Either set before the "war" in the movies, or in the future when everything is done underground to avoid detection by the humans.
Spartacus:Muses will be gladiators or freed slaves against the roman army. This can even go a little before that to where the muses are in bounds and before they get free.
Child:Our characters suddenly find themselves responsible for an infant and attempt to look after it until they can find who the child belongs to with little luck
Coffee Shop:One of our characters works in a coffee shop and the other has a crush on them. They come in all the time for coffee even though they don’t drink it. One day they are approached by their crush and they get talking.
College:Our characters meet while attending university and end up sharing a dorm room. Awkwardness ensues after a drunk one night stand after a night of partying
Criminal:Our characters are criminals on the run from the police, doing whatever they can to remain free. They take on various disguises and aliases as they travel from country to country. (Can involve multiple FCs)
Haunted:One of our characters dies and comes back to visit the other, they cannot pass over until they’ve told the other person their feelings for them, which they cannot bring themselves to do. In the meantime the other person begins to fall in love with the ghost.
Highschool:Our characters attend high school together and hate each other. They avoid each other at all costs until they end up in detention together or are forced to work on a project together. They begin to become friends although neither of them will admit it.
Hostage:One of our characters is a criminal, that takes refuge in the other characters house, essentially keeping them hostage. The hostage begins to develop feelings for their capture and helps them evade the police.
Magic:One of our characters gains magical powers but has no idea how to control them. With the other characters help they try to figure out how to use them correctly but not without some mishaps along the way.
Possessed:One of our characters is possessed by a demon and the other must figure out a way of saving them before its too late.
Road Trip:Our characters go on a road trip, there’s a lot of laughter and fun and sightseeing and also a lot of trouble along the way.
Royalty:One of our characters is royalty and the other is their servant. The servant has feelings for the Royalty but knows nothing can happen as they (Royalty) are engaged to marry and it is frowned upon. Little do they know that their feelings are returned.
Sanatorium:One of our characters is a long time resident in a sanatorium and the other is the new staff member assigned to care for them.
Serial Killer:Our characters are a pair of serial killers who have teamed up and began a killing spree, targeting the weak and vulnerable.
Victim:One of our characters is a victim of a terrible crime and is found by the other character, who tries to help them through there ordeal but falls in love with them along the way.

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"I believe I have finally figured out just what a Pokemon is. It is an animal-like creature, somehow seeming to be more sentient and self-aware than regular animals. It possesses strange powers, and these powers can vary between categories known as types. Fire, water, and grass are only three of…

"That’s exactly what they are!" Sephy exclaimed with a smile, "They only recently came to our world and they’re adapting. Apparently, some strange Pokemon called unown has opened up a permenant rift between these worlds. Even humans from that world have tried traveling here. They have succeeded so far and brought their knowledge and way of life to Gaia." Sephy produced a Pokeball from his belt, "Now, are you ready to meet one of my Pokemon?"


The 26 Pokeballs that you should know

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trying to turn my lil bro into a furry. any tips?

"I can help"


this means something. right?


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I keep seeing too many people complain about having big thighs and being fat or skinny so I made these!

Encouraging Zangief!

can we just call him body positive zangief


I love BPZ.

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Being fit isn’t about body size or shape. It’s about optimizing your body’s potential to do awesome shit like this.

this is so inspirational.

For real. I am so tired of people equating fit to being thin. Fuck that.

this is the first time i’ve seen this posted with body positive messages.  great!

As someone who has done gymnastics in various forms, his height is incredible. Check out where his head is - nearly chest level! And he drops his legs down so easily, arms tucked back casually. 

Rock on, dude. You’re amazing. 

I hate that “you can’t be fat and fit” bullshit because it cuts an entire body type out of the equation.

People typically fall into three categories: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Ectomorphs are skinny, wiry people with fast metabolisms who build lean muscle (think track runners or gymnasts). Mesomorphs are of the archetypal athletic body type that builds muscle while burning fat; they become bodybuilders and hunky actors.

Endomorphs, the third category, are always dismissed as unhealthy for the bullshit reasons I will detail: While they gain body fat easily, they gain muscle just as easily. But since it develops under a layer of fat you can’t see it. This doesn’t mean it’s not there. An endomorph could be a bear-wrestling Appalachian trail-hiking badass and people would still look at them and think “wow look at that fatass I bet they never move”. Bitch have you ever seen a linebacker they’re fat and they run just as much as the other guys on the team. Which is another point: endomorphs can do cardio and still be fat. Their bodies don’t let go of fat without a fight and the lengths they’d have to go to in order to lose most or all of their body fat (too much exercise, too little food) could in fact be detrimental to their health. Hell, I know a cross-country hiker with a beer belly who runs six miles a day without breaking a sweat.

tl;dr the notion that body fat automatically equates to poor muscle and cardio health is a notion that only works under the assumption that everyone is naturally ectomorphic or mesomorphic. This is not true thus this idea is wrong and stupid.



One of the best acrobats from Circus Harmony was tall and fat. He could fly just as gracefully as any of the lithe ‘gymnast-shaped’ performers.

Fun fact about fat, all it is is stored energy. There are two types of energy molecules. which have proper names, but I can never remember which is which, but simply put they are sugar molecules and fat molecules.

Sugar molecules are designed to be broken down into energy immediately, it’s why you get a ‘sugar buzz’ it’s instant energy. It is very hard to get fat from eating sugar alone because it’s not designed to be stored (the only exception is when you are eating way more sugar than your body needs. Any left over sugar will be converted into stored energy usually in the form of fat)

The second type is fat molecules, which are designed to be stored and broken up slowly. It’s used when the body runs out of sugar molecules, so basically fat is your bodies back up generator.

Fat itself is not unhealthy. As long as it’s not in places it shouldn’t be. The obviously places being in organs and your veins and crap. Fat in your organs is a serious health risk, but mostly because fat shouldn’t be there, it normally doesn’t develop there.

Having a lot of fat in your chest area can but a lot of strain on your heart and lungs. But so can a lot of muscle. And huge breasts.

What I’m basically saying is even fucking biochemistry tells us fat is not harmful (unless it’s in the wrong places…which isn’t exclusive to fat either. If tissue starts growing where it’s not meant to, that ain’t good no matter what kind)

So enough with this pretentious ‘fat is unhealthy’ bullshit

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